Wizarding World: The news #5

written by Luna Stars

Wow. Already on issue 5 in todays issue it s my grave disappointment to say 3 Dark Witches has broke out of Azkaban and plan to resurrect all Darkness! The muggles and how they are effected and a story!

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A harr potter story. Chapter one

Chapter 4

" Good Morning Class" Called the Divination Teacher shrilly

Hermione Granger rolled her eyes and muttered " I predict if we are listening to her she will probably say its our last" 

Ronald and Harry Laughed. 

" Now girls and boys be careful it could be you last" Whispered Professor Trelawney mystically.

Seamus Ron and Harry gasped. Hermione made a prediction

" Hermione what did you do?!" Muttered Romilda Vane taken aback. Everyone knows Hermione is horrific at Divination.

" Hermione made a prediction that came true Professor!" Called Pavarti Patil

" Miss Granger did you really? What did you see!?" 

Hermione flushed and muttered " I predicted that you would say it could be your last."

Miss Trelawney sighed and said it was a start niece

Hermione flushed even harder.

" Professor I must leave! Professor Dumbledor- No mcGonaga- No! Flitwick! Professor Flitwick need me Professor!"

Hermione scurried out of the room then everyone heard that she broke into a run

" Hermione then isnt muggleborn." Remarked Ronald later.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked " Isnt Trelawney her aunt not her mum?"

Ron laughed and replied " Imagine that! No a muggleborn is someone who has no known magical relatives a halfblood is someone who has a mix like Hermione."

Harry nodded. That made a lot of sense.

"Lets find her" Harry said looking around. Ron agreed

The next chapter is the great secret.


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