Wizarding World: The news #5

written by Luna Stars

Wow. Already on issue 5 in todays issue it s my grave disappointment to say 3 Dark Witches has broke out of Azkaban and plan to resurrect all Darkness! The muggles and how they are effected and a story!

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Who are the Witches Of Dark?

Chapter 2

The Witches Of Dark are the most terrifiying Witches in the world. The members are Pansy Parkinson Lila B2 and Viola Greenglass sister to Astoria Malfoy. These are there profiles

Viola Greenglass

Sneaky sly always on lookout and knows how to quickly escape. She is a traitor and leaves the others when she knows she would be caught if she warned them and saves herself. She has recently been caught by Mr Evelyn Only now to escape Azkaban She has red hair black beetle eyes and aged 19 Her wand is Dogwood unicorn hair and 15 inches not a particularily powerful wand bt she is a powerful witch. The wand cant be stronger then the wizard.

Lila B2

She is much more sneaky then Viola Lila is a great actress and under the effects of polyjuice Potion she charms all of the powerful people and giving their secrets to Viola and Pansy therefore helping them to break in  confident with their codes as Lila got them from the  Minister of Magic!

Pansy Parkinson

She is the least talented of the crew and to be truthful she is a bit of a idiot. She cant really do anything except with her excellent memory she can remember any code without writing them down so nobody can get suspicous. Other then that Pansy is useless.

When they arent stealing their hunting muggles. When their not hunting muggles their hunting muggleborns when they arent hunting muggleborns.. You get the idea. Nobody is brave enough to catch them

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