Wizarding World: The news #5

written by Luna Stars

Wow. Already on issue 5 in todays issue it s my grave disappointment to say 3 Dark Witches has broke out of Azkaban and plan to resurrect all Darkness! The muggles and how they are effected and a story!

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Muggles becoming injured by evil Witches

Chapter 1

Good Morning readers! I have a few things to say. 

1) Special Mention to Andromeda Black who writes the amazing magazine The Dark Times. Please read its really good!

2) The competition for the best Wizarding World Logo is not over until next Friday

3) I just wanted to thank those who have joined the Wizarding World: The news Group. Everyone has helped a lot especially Andromeda Black and Mya Malfoy-Lestrange who arent as evil as there names suggest!

Now as I speak The Witches Of Dark are ramaging all over Great Britain wales scotland and Ireland. Muggles to them are scum who get in the way for complete Wizarding Power! We spoke to one of the members Lila B2 ( Yes that is her last name) And under vertisiam she told us. " Muggles are what hides us away from power. They think they are so clever sussing us out about our brooms and wands ad cats and toads but them little scum know NOTHING AT ALL!!! Didnt they hang us behead us burn us at sake?! They are Evil! I'm doing us all a favour. Let me leave!

After that disturbing episode Lila disapparated and know nobody can track her down. Likely she is hunting down muggles to torure. The best aurors plan to hunt her downas well as the others. 1000 Galleons to those who find them!

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