The Dark Times #2

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Debate Time

Chapter 4

DEBATE - WAS DUMBLEDORE A                                                                                                                               HERO OR A VILLAIN?


Through the past books, Albus Dumbledore was put under a lot of questioning - was he a hero or a villain? Read this debate and find out!


Firstly, Dumbledore was mostly admired in books and he gave great advice. For example, a popular quote is “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn it on!” which is very clever. He invented several unique devices, he can’t be a villain many fans would say. 


However, he hid the truth from young Harry and said so little as he was a private child, and was the same as a man. But the truth he hid was too mean to think of. He acted how “Fools who love” did and that is said that Voldemort expected that and managed to plan evil plans.


That as well may be wrong. He showed so much Gryffindor in him, he was powerful and strong as Fudge didn’t and couldn’t face the truth about Voldemort’s return. Yet, the courageous man acted the way he wanted - even if the whole ministry was against him.


But this is not all! Dumbledore actually left the school when the Chamber Of Secrets was open. True, the ministry made him, but don’t say that he wasn’t clever enough to stay at Hogwarts. He could have easily stayed if he really wanted. In other cruel words, he let the muggle-borns endangered and unprotected. Most unwise.


These are some key points. Now, do you think that Dumbledore is a hero or villain?


Written By Andromeda Riddle


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