The Dark Times #2

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Story Time - Blaise Zabini and his crush

Chapter 1

“AAAAH!” Screamed Hermione as a frog leaped on her. It was Blaise Zabini who sent it. She cracked her knuckles and glared at him as she tried to listen to Harry. Meanwhile, a tight knot of Slytherins were whispering. 

“You did it! How come?” Pansy said in a hushed tone.

“Of course. How else will she notice me?” Came Blaises angry whisper.

Chuckling slightly, Draco said in a quiet voice :

“I don’t know. A bit more romantic than a frog though…” And at that comment, Pansy, Draco, Crabbe and Coyle burst out laughing. Scowling, Blaise stomped away. 

“Ha, “Romantic than a frog!!” You are funny Draco.” Pansy said between laughs. 


Later that day, Blaise sat in the common room, thoughtful and a bit hopeful. Could Granger love him? Well, Valentines was soon, he could ask her out! Looking happy at his bright idea, he settled off to bed. Little did he know that it would lead to surprising results.


As the sun dazzled everyone as a present for Valentines Day, Blaise was in a fit stait. 

“I think I’m going to explode from shaking.” He confessed to the Slytherins as they all sat in the common room, each doing various activities. 

“What do you see in the mudblood anyway?” Millicent Bulstrode said, as she was a very downright sort of person.

“She is clever, she is pretty, Just right for Blaise za-BINI!” Chanted Draco and Pansy together as Crabbe and Coyle’s lips formed an identical smirk. Seeing that look, Astoria Greengrass said kindly.

“Well, to be honest, that’s true. No need to glare at me like that, friends.” Astoria added while receiving a pat on the back from her sister, Daphne Greengrass.

“She would never ask you out, pal.” Pansy confirmed, making Blaise sigh. 

“Anyway!! We have a Valentine's Ball today! Why don’t you ask us, Slytherins out, who cares for the mudblood.” She said, and the whole room brightened at the idea. 


As evening dawned, Hogwarts was full of pretty girls in puffy dresses, many bracelets clinking on their arms. But the most beautiful part was the dance hall. Starlit pink snow was trickling down, snowflakes zoomed all about and flowers stood on every table. Crabbe went right out and asked Millicent out who agreed. They were standing and dancing to the soft classical music. Then, beside them stood a smiling figure of Draco and Pansy as they twirled around the hall. Near them, Coyle was doing a strange kind of jig with Daphne who was grinning. And lastly, perhaps the prettiest pair were in the hall.


Her hair flowing down her back, her piercing blue eyes seemed to be glowing even brightly tonight. Twirling away, her bracelets made satisfying clicking noises and her earrings dangled artfully down her ears. She had high heeled shoes, pearl white and studded with diamonds and beside her, a boy in a handsome black suit and a golden tie felt the luckiest. He had combed his hair and looked nice, strong and sturdy. It was Blaise Zabinini and Astoria Greengrass.


Written By Andromeda Riddle (If you want, read Draco Malfoy and the pretty girl - this is the second part)


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