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M.O.M classification:X

A Flobberworm is a thick brown toothless worm that reaches around ten inches in length,they tend to live in damp ditches.The Flobberworm moves very little one end of the worm is unnoticeable from the other,both producing the mucus for which its name is derived and which is mostly used in potions to thicken.The worms preferred food is lettuce,though it will eat almost any vegetation.Can be found in care of magical creatures registry.It has a low threat level,the Flobberworm have the beast clasification of X the classification is the lowest on record,and simply known as "boring".



M.O.M classification:X/XX

A Horklump represents a fleshy/pinkish mushroom covered in scattered,wiry black bristles.The horklump originated in scandinavia,but eventually spread through northern Europe,and could be found in scotland by 1991.The Horklump is a mass breeding mushroom that will cover an average garden within a matter of days it spreads rugged strong tentacles rather than roots in to the ground to scout for its preferred food of eathworms,The Horklump is eaten by gnomes.The Horklump has no distinct use to wizards or withches though its juice is used in potions,such as wiggenweld and herbicide potion.orginally given the lowest classification=X but according to the famous magizoologist Newt scamander the Horklump was given the classification=XX is the second lowest classification know as harmless/may be domesticated.

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