Wizarding World: The news #4

written by Luna Stars

Hello welcome back to another issue of Wizarding World: the news! In todays issue I will explain how this magazine is going to work as I have not gone into this, I will find the best Harry Potter memes I can find and much more!

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A short guide to Nifflers

Chapter 5

Hello! Now surely everyones heard of the cheeky niffler but does everyone know how to deal with them? Well your going to find out! A niffler has a mischieveous sneaky nature. Perfect attributes for a thief. A niffler should not really be kept in the house as most likely it would destroy it in search for any sort of shiny jewllery or money. As a matter of fact once you get to know the creature it is quite affectionate however if you think that will stop it stealing you items then you are certainly incorrect! You should always keep it locked up outside no matter what. There is a high chance you could overfeed the Niffler you own as it has a little pouch that can fit A lot in. So make sure your Niffler isnt storing food away secretly before giving it more. As I mentioned they are very sly! You can keep them as a pet but you should keep them safely locked away when you're not there!

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