Wizarding World: The news #4

written by Luna Stars

Hello welcome back to another issue of Wizarding World: the news! In todays issue I will explain how this magazine is going to work as I have not gone into this, I will find the best Harry Potter memes I can find and much more!

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How Wizarding World: The news is going to work.

Chapter 3

Alright we are on issue 4. However this magazine publication was a matter of fact a sudden unplanned idea. I got the inspiriation from Hogwarts Daily News which also has its own magazine and I recommend you read it! I have a group which 4 people have joined including Mya Malfoy-Lestrange who is my secretary and 3 others. All the updates for this magazine will likely to be on there. I also have my own dormitory if anyone wants to join. I will publish an issue of this magazine once a week as I have to gather people and the news which takes more time then I thought! Subscription is 15 Galleons and free for those who have joined the group. Thank you so much and sorry I had to bore you with tedious information which likely nobody will read!

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