A Gay's Gaze at Hogwarts: Issue #3

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Depression Is

Chapter 6

And now, for a very special, one-time segment of A Gay's GazeJane M. has been very kind in sharing her poem, Deppression Is, with us! As the name suggests, the poem is about deppression, so obviously a massive content warning/trigger warning for that. Now, without further ado, here's Deppression Is!

"depression is like…

going on with life but not taking it in
floating through each day

it’s zoning out of life
but not a daydream
more like a blank place with nothing to see
a lonely place in between worlds

when people ask “whats wrong?”
how do you explain to them its nothing
but at the same time

it is being sad for no reason
really wanting to do things
but not being able to

it's your to-do list growing longer with each passing day
things that need to be done
self care
all piling up

it is feeling like you are the worst
so lazy
and unproductive
wanting to fix it
but not being able to

it's being lost in a sea of darkness
of huge waves
nothing there

a feeling of being hollow
you’re alive
but are you really?"

Thank you so much to Jane M. for sharing this with A Gay's Gaze! I'm sure many of of us can relate to the things she so artfully describes in this poem.

And, as another reminder, please fill out the Form posted in AGGatH Readers if you want to have a say in what Jane M.'s regular column will be! Your opinion will affect the future of this publication, so please do make sure to fill out the form!

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