A Gay's Gaze at Hogwarts: Issue #3

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Hogwarts is How?

Chapter 3

Now, let's see what's new with HiH!

Professor's Assistant applications are still open for DADA, CoMC, and Ancient Runes! Applicants for CoMC and Ancient Runes have to have Year Two of the respective subject completed, meaning you must have all assignments--including extra credit--turned in. You also have to have a 90% or higher in that subject (in other words, you have to have an Outstanding). However, if you've completed all the required assignments but they haven't all been graded, you can still apply! While applicants are only required to complete Year Two, it's recommended you complete more than that. For DADA, you have to have completed Year One of DADA, once again meaning you have to have turned in all assignments, including extra credit. You need an 85% or higher in DADA to apply to be a PA, but you can apply if you've completed all the Year One assignments but they haven't all been graded!

For more information about PA applications, owl the Professor of the subject you'd like to be a PA for! (Professor Penrose for DADA, Professor Anne for CoMC, and Professor Wessex for Ancient Runes.)

On the topic of Professors, Professor applications are also open for the subjects of Ancient Studies and History of Magic! In order to apply to be a Professor here at HiH, it's very highly recommended that have completed all or nearly all of the course you'd like to teach (all seven years!), including extra credit assignments. 

Owl Headmistress Oshiro for about Professor applications. 

For more information about PA and Professor applications, and for the forms to fill out to apply, head to The Newsroom or the Volunteer section of HiH!

Now, let's have a look at the House Cup. While Ravenclaw still is in first place with around 241,000 house points, they're slowly losing their grip on the lead. They're down another around 3,000 from last week, and about 10,500 points in the last two weeks! Ravenclaw will really have to up their game if they don't want to be overtaken by the second place contender, Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff is currently at around 209,000 points. However, Hufflepuff hasn't been doing that great either--they're also down around 3,500 points from last week. Meanwhile, Gryffindor, in third place, has gained 1,500 points since last week, putting them at 189,500. Slytherin, who's bringing up the rear, has gained around 4,000 points, the most points of any house this week, bringing them up to about 164,500 points. So, all in all, a pretty rough week for everyone except for Slytherin! Does this mean Slytherin will start to pull ahead in the House Cup race? We'll have to wait and see!

You may be asking yourself how a house can lose points. Well, it all comes down to the algorithm used to count house points. First of all, they only count students who have been active in the last 30 days. From there, they narrow it down even more to students who have earned at least 10 points in the last week. Then, they add all the points together and divide them by the number of active students. And finally, for dramatic effect, they multiply that number by 100. So, there you have it: if you haven't earned at least 10 points in a week, your points will not be counted, and that's how a house can lose points.

And finally for this week's Hogwarts is How?, let's have a look at the day's Hogwartle! If you want to complete the Hogwartle free of hints, skip this paragraph! Otherwise, the hint for today's Hogwartle is: A complicated character who was ultimately vital in the defeat of Voldemort.

That complete's this week's Hogwarts is How?. If you know of any HiH news that I've missed, make sure to owl me or put it in the club AGGatH Readers, and I'll be on the lookout for similar news in the future!

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