Heard of someone who used dark powers for good, well you're about to see it. Being born as the last child, she had not many responsibilities she was free to do anything, but she couldn't because she held the family curse, which makes dark magic run through her veins. She was despised by most of the noble society, but her parents and brothers treated her like their little princess. Love and kindness were sown in her heart since her birth, which made her the total opposite of the curse. She always wanted to do something for the empire, it was her biggest mission in life. This book is the journey of "The Queen of Ashes and Bones" A MEDIVAL MUGGLE-FANTASY NOVEL NOW AT HOGWARTS LIBRARY

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Chapter 2
It was a snowy day in the Vaspar Dukedom.It was the day when A cursed child was born.
Even the parents knew about the curse, but they did not abandon her, instead, they
cherished her like a treasure.

'Father! is the baby born?!' asked Arjen, The youngest son of the grand duke in excitement.
'Father, is it a girl or a boy?' asked Yohan, the happy second son rather calmly.
'You've got a little sister. I wish you three will protect and cherish her with all
the strength you have got' said the grand duke. 'Yes father, we will protect her with
we have got. I'll make sure we will treasure her and never let any suitor to lay eyes
on her' said Dietrich, the first son of the grand duke solemnly.
'enough of your speech brother, Dad can we see our sister now, I can't wait anymore!'
said Arjen.
'You shoudn't scream inside Arjen, The baby is sleeping. If she wakes up, I swear I'll
murder you.' said father with a warning-like look
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