Why muggles are important

Have any of you pure bloods been wondering why muggle borns are allowed in Hogwarts? Well this book will explain to you why muggles are important. I actually am a pure blood but my mother and aunt were muggle born but my mother is an amazing herbologist, and my aunt is a great potioneer.

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My family

Chapter 2

This chapter is to honor my family. I am unsure whether I'm a pure blood or a half blood. Please message me if you know after reading this chapter. My father, the famous keeper Remus Lostheart who plays for Scotland is a muggle born. I bet that shocked you. His parents were librarians but he rose to this fate. My mother, the herbologist Daisy Lostheart, is a half blood witch. Her father was a Weasley (it's unknown of whether it's Percy or George because her mother ran away with her because she was scared of the magic that her father had) and her mother was a nurse. Then there's my aunt Sasha Pews who is my mother's twin sister. They work together. Sasha is a potioneer and my mother provides ingredients. 

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