Why muggles are important

Have any of you pure bloods been wondering why muggle borns are allowed in Hogwarts? Well this book will explain to you why muggles are important. I actually am a pure blood but my mother and aunt were muggle born but my mother is an amazing herbologist, and my aunt is a great potioneer.

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Chapter 1

This book is directed to pure bloods and half bloods. There are thousands of muggle born witches and wizards. Those families like the Lestrange's, the Malfoy's and the Black's who refuse to let a muggle born or muggle into their family. As you will all know Hermione Granger is muggle born but is, in Rubeus Hagrid's words, "the greatest witch of her year." Of course pure bloods and half bloods are important, but it's muggle borns who make the world a better place. 

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