Persian school of witchcraft and wizardry

written by Sophia

Tabriz Sanadaj school specialises in Transfiguration, potion making, Magizoology, Alchemy and astronomy, and they have a long list of very famous wizards who have invented potions and spells unknown to the western schools like Hogwarts. The school is one of the oldest, and is about 2,500 years old. It was founded by several sorcerers and mainly by Persian King Darius in 528 BC to help train his Battle Mages and help him in the war against the Greeks. The school is very secluded and reclusive, but they do have exchange programmes with other schools like Uagadou and Mahoutokoro The ornate and exquisite palace of Tabriz Sanadaj is made of gold and quartz as well as sandstone, and it sits in an 'uninhabited' (or so Muggles think) desert oasis, a tropical water paradise in the middle of an inhospitable sand desert. It is hidden by a large amount of veil/ reflective cloak charms so it isn't spotted by Muggle satellites or aircraft. This has also been an advantage against dark wizards who were unable to find the school and instead perished in the unforgiving environment. Once students choose their wand (or the wand chooses them) they receive their own flying carpet. Persian wizards favour luxurious gold and silk enchanted carpets over broomsticks ,The lessons are very similar to Hogwarts, with a few exceptions, there is a greater focus on magical creatures and many students are given a pet creature to train. Usually it will be a baby Nishapur that grows into an adult. By growing up together they are bonded and will stay as partners for life.

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