Luna Lovegood'S Guide To Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Nargles, And More

written by Raven Johnson

Ever wanted to know more about these supposedly fake creatures? I assure they are quite real! -Luna Lovegood

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Chapter 1


The Nargle is a creature with light purple to black skin.  Nargles have two thin arms and legs with long fingers and toes.  Their bodies are seven inches long and three inches wide.  Nargles have bat-like ears, large white eyes, pointy noses, and sharp teeth.


Nargle boys and Nargle girls look very similar.  The only difference is that the females are taller and have golden eyes.


Nargles are mischievous trouble-makers.  Their idea of a fun is making messes and stealing things.  Nargles don't trust anyone but themselves, which makes them impossible to befriend.


Nargles live anywhere where they can make trouble.  Nargles never live in areas without people to drive crazy.  Nargles often live in mistletoe to attack people kissing underneath.


Since Nargles have sharp teeth they can bite people although, they rarely do.  They only attack unless provoked.  They are allergic to butterbeer and Dirigible Plums. If they touch either they will turn light green and be weakened. They are classified as XX, which is the second level of dangerousness.

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