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Unforgivable Curses - 400 words

Chapter 3

Unforgivable curses - ESSAY


Unforgivable Curses are parts of Dark Arts. It is exactly on what it says on the tin - they are unforgivable. If you have such a streak of cruelty in your nature and you dare use these spells, you will earn a one way ticket to Azkaban as the fake Moody (Barty Crouch JR) said when he talked about these curses in a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. But, who uses them? Well, an easy answer - Voldemort. And his "charming" Death Eaters. There are three Unforgivable Curses and they are only a sub category in Defence Against The Dark Arts. I shall explain their properties below.


The first spell is used and it is known as the Imperious Curse. It will turn your memory and everything blissfully blanck - you will not be yourself. The incantation is "Imperio" and used in the Harry Potter series continuesly by the Death Eaters mostly - though others used it sometimes. In simple, it allows the caster to control another’s actions, though it can be faught and conquared. Harry Potter was the only one who could throw it of completly in the Fourth Year. The curse was claimed to be unforgivable in 1717 by the Ministry Council.  It was said that people only did Lord Voldemort's (You - know - who's) bidding under the Imperious curse. But then, how to sort out the lairs, you ask?


So, the Cruciatous Curse was invented. While, the Imperious Curse was not unpleasent, the Crucatious curse felt worse than terrible. The Longbottoms (who got a horrible dose of the crucatous Curse) went insane for the rest of their life. Harry Potter described it as though his bones where on fire and his head was splitting open - revealing his scar with his head rolling madly.... it is no doubt effective for use of pain and agony to the victim but it will probably loosen their tunge to admit defeat. It is obvious that you would go to Azkaban for a life sentance. The inacntation is "Crucio"


Lastly, the most worst curse was invented that is still well known in the Wizarding public and dispised by them throughly. The killing curse. The horrible incantation is known as "Avada Kadavra" and most commonly used by the filthy lips of Lord Voldemort who takes pleasure in blasting innocent people out of his way - mostly muggles. The only miraculas peron known to survive is Harry James Potter.


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