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Book Report - 1000+ words

Chapter 2

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Essay - BOOK REPORT

 My favourite book is Harry Potter. I can't believe the way that words can become so powerfull - and magical. It is a simply fascinating book and I urge you to read it until the very end. However, I have a favourite. Much as I enjoy reading all of the books, I mostly enjoyed reading a book called "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". It really captures the spirit of danger, trouble and a faint ray of hope so I am really passionate about this book. The way J.K Rowling put it into words is simply admirable. I shall tell you all about what happened there (warning: too much spoilers).....

A young Boy named Harry Potter lives with his aunt and uncle after his own parents tragic death. They were murdered by Voldemort and died but Harry Potter miraculasly survived with only a light bolting shape (a cut) oh his fore head as a suvinir of his mysterious past. People still guess but no one really knows why. So, the story starts as he get into trouble as he has a curious knack of attracting that - a thing that he inherted from his father. So, when Dudley Dursley (his cousin) though that he was going to be smart with Harry outside, two horrific dementors glided in. Without pausing to think, Harry Potter used a Patrounus Charm in shape of a stag and chased them away. It is rather regretable, as he was not allowed to use magic in the holidays before returning. That resulted in an unfair hearing that Harry was dreading. He also felt furious that no one bothered to congratulate him but where just trying to stop him getting out of to much trouble. He spent a month locked into his bedroom and was getting desperate on news on the wherabouts of Voldemort - he felt as if he had been disconnected from the Wizarding world.

Then, several skilled Aurors come to rescue him and create a diversion by sending the Dursley's to a competition that they were faked to win. So, while they were heading for what they think was the prize-giving Harry got a shock of his life when people came roaming into the house. The people were Alastor "Mad-eye" Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shackelbolt, Hestia Johns, Elphais Doge and Emmaline Vence. They flew to the Headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix in the bitter cold night and Harry let out his anger by having a shouting fit on Ron and Hermione (she was at the verge of tears)...

The Order of the Phoenix was originally formed by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore when they fought Voldemort thirteen years ago. Now that Voldemort has returned with his evil followers, fighting has began. Now, Fudge's opinion is trully menencing. The Minister Of Magic himself had always a lot of respect to Dumbledore but deep inside he knows that Dumbledore is much more powerfull than him. He thinks that Dumbledore wants to become Minister Of Magic - though he never applied - so he is aftraid of him. But now that he has power, Fudge thinks that Dumbledore is a fool who is trying to start the panic that they have been stabelizing for "thirteen years". However, he also has a huge influence on the Daily Prothet - so what newspaper will be brave and report their news? The Quibbler. The Quibbler published an exclusive interview written by Rita Skeeter, of all people, but more on that later. Before I continue - I would like to make it plain on Fudge's view. He is terrifyed of Dumbledore, He can't face the truth that Voldemort (You - know - who) has returned, he is influencing the Prothet to tell that Dumbledore is a fool and Harry is a liar. He is in a pretty tough setuation - but don't think that I sympethize him! To add on, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, also wants a Hogwarts spy - On Dumbledore and Harry. So, the Hogwarts "High Inquisiter" joined the members of staff and filled in the Defence Against The Dark Arts.

Meanwhile, dark times are brewing at Hogwarts. If Harry Potter's best friends - Ron and Hermione - believe him, it all looks good. But the qestion is - will everyone else? Turns out, that if you look from their point of view, the have the right not to believe Harry Potter. Imagine, Harry comes out of the Trizward Tournament maze with Cedric Diggory, A Hogwarts Champion, dead, there is no evidence that Voldemort killed him. It could have just been Harry all along, pretending that his scar hurt - and maybe even comitting the cruel murder of Cedric Diggory. He needs true friends with him: Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ernie and a few more but he needs not to make enemies as well. He and Seamus Finnigan (A boy that Harry knew since his first year and in his dormitory) have a huge fight hich makes a very icy realation - ship with Seamus. They had a very noisy shouting match in the dormitory and had this poor result. Well, that would undestimate it - with the word "poor" - distresfull might be a bit more fit. Anyway, Lavander Brown from the girl dormitories is also on Seamus's side and that turned them against each other as well. However, Seamus and Lavander arn't exactly top of his worries - The Hogwarts High Inquisiter is. The "lovely" Dolores Jane Umbridge who works for Cornilius Fudge, she is Senior Undersecretary at the Ministry and is ready to cause as much trouble as possible. She get's to have her first class - and has the power to put other Teachers on probation as well. So, Miss Lovely starts to make Harry Potter's life even worse. More on that now.

Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts in high hopes but get's them demilished quickly. Umbride's first class is not a succes - more of a failure. As it is the O.W.L year (Ordinary Wizarding Levals: An examination which will be hard and can influence your future) so they expect hard training. But no - it's boring - like Professor Binn's classes as it is compared.

They start training hard and get the good battling the evil in the Ministry! Dumbledore's Army Vs Death Eaters keep fighting and The Order wins but the problem is that it makes Voldemort even more muradous - how hard will the actuall war be?


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