The Veil between dream and physical world disappeared

written by Sophia

Omg it was one of the extremely unique experience I had in my life,years ago when reptilians started to attack star seeds and higher dimensional beings like me ,so many big black dark bats in physical and astral appeared to me everywhere I went and one night in lower Astral world is what happened ,my dream in astral realms: so many black bats were flying towards me to attack Me ,I was shouting and running is like I was completely aware I am dreaming or I am in Astral world, Suddenly I jumped to my physical body but that nightmare did not stop beacuse those black bats were in my room ???what???yes ,the veil between dream world and physical world for few minutes broke and those scary black bats with astral forms were flying around my bed ,it happened when I jumped to my body and I was shaking and in the same time those evil black bats also jumped to my room , imagine I was running in one big hall while those bats were following me and veil between dream world and physical world broke and now those bats were in my room !!but after few minutes they disappear! Thanks God !

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Chapter 1
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