My teleportation to Hogwarts castle

written by Sophia

It was few months ago ,after lunch I felt so sleepy I closed my eyes and suddenly I was in parallel universe,one group of magical students were practicing wandless magic (they were changing clothes,walls and object colours)I joined the group and was able to pass the test and create and change colours suddenly one male wizard invited me to his table!

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Library of Hogwarts castle

Chapter 1

The male wizard asked me to sit close to him and he showed me one book ,I looked at the book and I saw Hogwarts words background of book was castle picture and gray colour,I said omg it is mine? The wizard gave the book to me and as I was looking at Hogwarts words I suddenly jumped to the castle through book,oh omg I enter new world I was  looking at castle and admire the beauty of it ,I saw mystical creatures around castle as I was flying,then I was guided to enterance of castle,2 boys were playing with their wand and for first time I could see the magic that wand can produce,they were fighting or some kind of practicing!I was protected with invisible blanket around my body ,that those boys don't see me,after I arrived to the library,oh omg ! One magical female witch welcome me to Library and one young boy with green eyes started to talk to me ,they told me welcome to Hogwarts we need you to figth against evil forces,then I female witch showed me the library and some books flying around my head !

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