Harry Potter and the great return.

WARNING and NOTICE: Owl me if you want to talk or whatever! These characters do not belong to us. We do not own Harry Potter. All rights to J.K Rowling. @All rights reserved Information you need to know before reading this short story if you have not read the Harry Potter: This short story is set in 1977 in the wizarding world when Harry’s parents and their friends went to Hogwarts, 13 years before Harry was born. The marauders end up at the ministry in 2007, 9 years after the battle of Hogwarts. Remus, Sirius, Peter, Marlene, Mary and Alice are witches and wizards who went to Hogwarts at the same time as Harry’s parents (James and Lily) A Patronus is a defensive spell which produces a silver animal guarding used to protect a witch or wizard.

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The end of the beginning.

Chapter 1

The day that it happened was the night it all fell, they saw it, they knew it, they all went through it. 

----------------------------------------------- A few hours ago----------------------------------------------- 

James youre head boy! Youre supposed to be a role model for all Hogwarts students. So, get yourself together and do your bloody transfiguration homework!” shouted a red haired furious looking girl. The raven-haired boy eyed her with a look that could destroy every human on the earth, but it suddenly changed into a mischievous smirk “Lily, will you go on a date with me if I do?” Before Lily could reply, Remus interrupts her. “Will you two lovebirds shut up! Youre already dating!”. “Even your arguments sound like flirting” replied an annoyed-looking Sirius. Peter started sniggering at the idiocy of his two friends, whilst Sirius smirked put his arm around Remuss shoulder. It was so stupid that Sirius and Remus are not together yet. The group had already made a ship name for them. WOLFSTAR. The best one ever. Suddenly, a loud group of girls enter the common room, giggling and yelling. They sounded like hungry stray birds flapping their wings. “Marlene, Alice, Mary, care to join into the greatest game in the world” asks James. They shook their heads. The group was never really into James games. They all hated him so why communicate with him unless forced to. They also understood Lily loved him so they wouldn’t get in the way of their relationship because of their own emotions. Hiya! Do you guys want these Berties Botts every flavour beans I got from a friend. My mum doesnt want me to eat wizard candy. And this lot doesnt like them.” Mary asked. “We could use them in the game” suggested Peter who was grinning like an idiot, he had taken a strange liking to Mary these days, but Mary just rolled her eyes. She then turned to Sirius blushing like a tomato, putting her hand forward indicating for him to take the candy. Sirius put on an awkward smile reaching out to get them, but Remus snatched them from Marys hands. “Alright then, get ready to play the game.” he snapped. Lily, James, Sirius, Peter and Remus all sat down in a circle. “Damn it, I cant open this packet. It is like it's made of steel.” screeched James. “Ill do it.” replied Lily as she tried to open it but unfortunately ended up ripping it almost halfway down. “Aww!” gushes Peter. “Cut it out wormtail and let's play! shouted a very embarrassed James. Sirius and Remus exchange glances and started laughing. After a few minutes and a couple of rounds into the game all the beans were gone, and so were their surroundings. Everything was spinning, never ending. Objects were disappearing. It was like the world itself was ending.

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