The Girl, the Amulet, and the Charmer

written by Lily Lavender

Anastasia Whiteford is just your average fifth year Hogwarts student. One day, she comes across a mysterious amulet that causes some unexpected events. She also happens to meet a boy that has a big secret. Will she uncover what the connection is between the amulet and the charmer? Will she find love in the process? Only time will tell! DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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A Trip to Hogsmeade

Chapter 4


I wake up to a blaring announcement from the Headmistress, “All students from third year and up who wish to visit Hogsmeade today are to head towards the Great Hall in an hour. Third years, you must have a permission slip to attend this trip.” The first trip of the year to Hogsmeade was all everyone could talk about. It was only two weeks since we arrived at Hogwarts, but from the way the course load and homework kept us busy, it seemed like a month passed by. I yawn and stretch along with the other girls in my dorm. Why did they have to wake us up so early in the morning? I look out the window and see the sun shining. Sure enough, it was around nine o'clock in the morning. But since it was a Saturday, I would have loved to sleep in a little bit longer if I could. I kneel down and pull out my trunk from under the bed. Over the summer holidays, I ordered some Gryffindor spirit wear just for an occasion like today. I grab the clothes and lay them out on the bed, getting dressed like everyone else. I jump on my bed and pull the curtains around the bed so I could get dressed in private. I change from my pyjamas into a red long-sleeved shirt with a big G for Gryffindor on the front. I slip into black pants, grab my book bag, and open the curtains. Now that I am in non-uniform clothing, I can finally wear the amulet. I dig into my book bag and put the necklace on. Most of the fifth year girls already were in the common room and so I head towards them, finding that everyone had the same idea of fashion. I find Traci among the crowd of third years to seventh years and we all collectively head to the Great Hall.

“Anastasia, come back to Earth already! You can't stare at him all day.” Traci waves her hands in front of my face as my eyes refocus back to her. As we were walking the path to Hogsmeade, I saw Ace with his buddies up ahead. I could hear Traci talking beside me, but I didn't bother to actually listen. All I could do was walk and stare at him, almost like a trance of some kind. What is wrong with me? “Sorry Traci, I guess I got caught up in my thoughts.” I see the sign that points to Hogsmeade as we pass it. “Did you even hear anything I said?” I stop in my tracks and I grab her wrists to stop her from walking. “I will make it up to you, promise. How about a butter beer at the Three Broomsticks in an hour? My treat! Then you can tell me everything I missed out on during my trance-like state.” Traci giggles, rolls her eyes, and nods. “Fine. You better add a pumpkin pastry to that order.” As we continue walking, we finally end up in the center of Hogsmeade. Traci's eyes light up when she sees the candy shop. “I'm going to head into Honeydukes, you?” In the distance, I see a sign for some quills. I could use some more. I've already broken two. “I'm going to head to Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop if that's alright. I need new ones pronto!” Traci nods and we part ways.

I walk out of the shop a few moments later with some quills in hand. I put them into my book bag so I don't have to carry them around and I head towards Honeydukes to meet up with Traci. Snap! I hear a twig snap behind me and I stop in my tracks. I turn around and I see three guys with long black cloaks walking slowly but briskly towards me. I quickly speed up the pace to try to get back to the crowds of students. I look back and see them gaining on me.Shoot! I need to hide and fast! I see an alley a few strides ahead and I swiftly make the decision to duck towards the alley. I take out my wand, just in case I need some escape spells. I look behind me once more and it looks like they are off my trail. Before I can turn around, someone grabs my wrist and yanks me behind a building, pulling me off of the alleyway. “Hey! What the hel-” The person pushes me against the wall and covers my mouth with their hands. Who is this?

I look up to see a boy with a green sweater. It was Ace. One of Ace's arm is stretched out towards me and his palm lands on the wall beside my head. The other on my mouth loosens and before I could ask him what he is doing here, his fingers are on his lips in a shhh movement. I stare into his eyes, barely even breathing. His eyes lock onto mine as we share some kind of telepathic message. His hand on his lips move downward towards his pocket and takes out his wand. He lets go of the wall and slips away into the alley I just came from. Okay, what was that? I mean, I know when to be quiet when someone is chasing me, but why did he want to be involved with this? I could have just as easily escaped on my own. “Come on guys, I think I've seen her going that way.” I hear Ace in the distance, but barely. It starts to rain, so all I could now make out is mumbles. I sigh and look down. There, right on my chest, is the amulet glowing a bright green. Again? It's always when I'm near Ace. I take the amulet off and shove it into my book bag. There; no glow, no guys trying to chase me. I poke my head out into the alleyway. I don't hear any mumbles anymore, so I should be okay. I walk out into the alleyway and I half run, half walk back towards the square. No creepy guys in sight. I pace myself once I see civilization again. Phew, that was kinda scary. I'm never going down that alley again.

I head towards the Three Broomsticks, making sure I still kept that promise to Traci. I open the door and I see Traci already at a table with two butter beers. “Hey stranger. Kept me waiting long enough.” Traci crosses her arms as I sit down at the table. “Yeah, I had the creepiest thing happen to me just now.” From across the room, I see the same green sweater I saw before. Only now, Ace is with his friends at the bar table. He locks eyes with mine and I quickly turn away and instead turn my attention to Traci. Traci looks at me, smirking. “What happened to you? It looks like you've seen a ghost.” I tell her about the incident with the creepy guys and how Ace came to my rescue and lead them away. I also told her about the glowing amulet. After all, to me it was the most bizarre thing to happen throughout the entire encounter. Traci nudges me, “The amulet must have something to do with Ace. Remember what the shack owner said? It will glow when a strong source of magic is near. It was totally Ace. His magic was probably boiling to get ready to protect you.” Traci puts her hands together and squeals. “Awww, it's like a romantic film! The cliche girl meets stereotypical guy and something happens where the guys has to protect the girl. So romantic!” I roll my eyes and take a sip of the butter beer on the table. No way is this going to turn into a romantic film. My life is not that interesting. “Just drink your butter beer so we can go.” Traci takes a big gulp from her cup. “Sure, sure. As long as you pay for the pumpkin pastries you promised!” I cross my arms, shake my head, and laugh. If somehow my life was about to be a romantic film, it better be a good one.

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