The Girl, the Amulet, and the Charmer

written by Lily Lavender

Anastasia Whiteford is just your average fifth year Hogwarts student. One day, she comes across a mysterious amulet that causes some unexpected events. She also happens to meet a boy that has a big secret. Will she uncover what the connection is between the amulet and the charmer? Will she find love in the process? Only time will tell! DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Finding the Answers

Chapter 10


Traci closes the classroom door while Ace and I jog up to the teachers desk. I swing my book bag off of my shoulder and open it. I take out the book and lay it on the desk in front of us. “I'll be the look out and make sure no one comes in.” She leans against the door, listening for any footsteps in the hallway. Ace looks at me, “You open it.” Scaredy cat. I flip open the book and briefly skim over the contents. “Alright, Beautification Potion that enhances the attractiveness of the drinker's physical appearance but alters one's personality of that of a hag.” I flip the page. “A de-ageing amulet that restores youth temporarily, but once it wears off, one is twice as older in appearance.” I flip several pages. “A talking mirror that gives advice on how to improve one's appearance to attract a lover, but the mirror gives advice based on the user's self-obsession. Once the user attracts another with the mirror's advice, the person that is in the mirror is able to be free. The lover then replaces the person who goes free, trapping them until the process is repeated. Only to be used for revenge purposes such as wrong-doings, cheating, etc.” I flip more pages and suddenly stop. On the top of the page, bold letters are written:


“Found it!” I half yell so my echos in the classroom aren't too loud. Traci jogs through the desks towards us and stops to take a look at the book. On the page, it reads:

The Amulet of Eternal Power has the ability to give extra power to the one in possession of the amulet by stealing magic from another. This amulet contains an enchantment where it will glow a lime green color when a strong source of magic is near. To activate the amulet, the one in its possession must fall deeply in love with another whom has a strong magical ability. The amulet itself is mainly used to transform the user into their once beautiful and youthful self permanently, though it can be used for other Darker purposes of which the user is entitled to.

“But how do we destroy it?” Ace looks at me and in the bottom corner of the page in small print, it reads:

To destroy the amulet, it must be in the possession of the one who activated it. He or she must wear it around their neck while their lover, who triggered the amulet in the first place, casts the Eradication Spell “Deletrius”. The amulet will be restored to it's original state; before activation occurred, until another reactivates it and the process it repeated. All magic that was stolen will be returned to the original owner, no matter how far they may be in the world.

I look up from the book and Ace and Traci are staring at me. Traci breaks the silence, “Well that's simple enough. We can do it right now.” I look at Traci and my arms cross my chest. “It's simple alright, if we have the amulet. Cordelia took it with her.” Ace grabs my shoulders and turns me towards him. He looks into my eyes as he speaks, “Anastasia, I got you into this mess and I'm going to get you out of it. I will protect you, no matter what my mother has up her sleeve. I will get your magic back, even if I have to grab the amulet from her myself.” I couldn't just stand there after that. I kissed him.

I wake up in the girls Gryffindor dorm room and lay on my back, remembering what happened last night. How am I going to get my magic back? Thank goodness it's Saturday, no one has to know about it, and I hope no one will ever know. I decide to get out of bed and look out the window, seeing nothing but clear skies and a big bright sun. Cordelia could be anywhere by now. I must get my magic back, I have to. I hear a small creaking of the door and I turn around to see who it is. “Oh, you're up. Ace is waiting outside the portrait for us. He says that he has a plan or something. We'll wait for you so you can get dressed.” Traci leans against the door, pauses a moment, turns around, and closes the door. I quickly put on a top and pants and nearly jog out the door. In the common room, a few seventh years are in the corner, studying away at their subjects. I hope I don't drown in homework when I get to seventh year. If I can even study magic anymore.

I push that thought out of my mind and I walk out into the hallway. Both Traci and Ace are sitting on the staircase steps, and when I walk out of the portrait, Ace quickly gets up. He walks towards me and hugs me. “How are you doing?” I respond with, “I'm fine.” No, I'm not fine. My magic is gone, and to get it back, we have to find Cordelia and take it from her. That requires a plan. Monday is fast approaching and if I don't get my magic back, everyone will know and I might be kicked out of Hogwarts! I take deep mental breaths and focus on what Ace is saying. “I think I might have a plan figured out. The one place where no one can hear us is the Room of Requirement, so we should head there. Come on!” He starts jogging down the stairs and Traci and I briefly look at each other, shrugging our shoulders. We start to head down the stairs, following Ace to the one place where Ace and I had our secret meeting a few days before.

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