Dark Flower

When Lucius Malfoy went to collect baby Harry Potter he wasn't counting on there being two babies at the Potter Ruins. He also wasn't counting on grabbing the wrong one by accident. And he wasn't counting on keeping the young girl with shining emerald eyes either.

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Chapter 1

Two almost identical wails pierced the air as a tall, cloaked man appeared out of a thick black wall of smoke. He took a deep breath of smoke and ash. His master was dead and now he was in charge. He was here for the boy and that was it. He grabbed a bundle of cloth and disapperated, leaving no trace. 

The man appeared in front of a tall dark gate that led to a large white mansion with marble accents. He whipped out a thin black wand, with the head of a serpent on the end that had emerald eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight. He raised his wand and silently a long glowing snake slithered from the end and made its way towards the building.   

After a few long seconds of silence, a robed woman opened the large oak doors and made her way down the winding path. 

“Lucius, do you have the boy?” she asked. 

“Of course, Bellatrix. What do you take me for?” Lucius Malfoy replied. 

Bellatrix Lestrange grinned, “Was there any sign of the Dark Lord?”   

“No, the ruins were empty,” Lucius answered solemnly.   

“Have you looked at the boy yet?” Bellatrix inquired. 

“No, I wanted to let you do it,” Lucius responded.  

“Good answer.” Bellatrix slowly peeled back the cloth and gasped. There, laying in the bundle of blankets, lay a baby girl. Almost as if she sensed the presence around her, she lifted her eyelids to reveal a pair of shining emerald eyes. She gave the pair a shy smile before snuggling back into her blankets and drifting back to sleep. 

Simultaneously, Lucius and Bellatrix lifted their gaze from the baby to each other. 

“LUCIUS!” Bellatrix screeched, “THIS IS THE WRONG BABY!” 

“Shhhh!” Lucius said, “You’ll wake her, anyway, I didn’t know that there were two! I will go back to Godric’s Hollow to get Harry Potter, then we can deal with both at the same time.” 

Bellatrix sighed, this was not the plan, “I’ll take this one, you get the boy.” The two went their separate ways. Bellatrix took the young girl to a room at the top of the mansion while Lucius disapperated once again. 

Bellatrix was staring daggers at a wailing baby when Lucius returned, empty-handed. Bellatrix rounded on him the second she realized that he did not have Harry with him.   


“He wasn’t there when I arrived.” Lucius replied calmly, “We have one now let's get rid of her.” 

“Lucius, I was thinking, the prophecy never said anything about a girl, and she must be immensely powerful since she is the sister of Harry Potter so maybe, instead of killing her, we keep her and train her. She would help us immensely. We would need to hide her identity of course but that can easily happen. And it would probably be easier to just not tell her who her real family is and let her believe she is part of our bloodline. 

“Bellatrix, you haven’t, dare I say, grown fond of her?” Lucius questioned. 

“NO! No, no, of course not, I just think it would be the sensible choice here.” Bellatrix responded a little too quickly. 

“Fair, okay, did you figure out her name at least?” Lucius asked. 

Bellatrix’s face instantly turned sour, “Her name is Alice, it says so on the blanket.” 

Lucius nodded, “Well I supposed we can’t call her that, we must rename her. Any ideas?” 

Bellatrix nodded, “I was thinking that we could call her Azalea.” 

“Very well, welcome Azalea, our Dark Flower.”

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