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Chapter 1

Hello Witch Weekly workers!

First Of all, Thank you for joining. It means a lot to me. I really want to start a Magazine (Witch Weekly) so it would be great if you could help!
I'm Hermione Ravenclaw (Though adopted my Bellatrix, and named after her: Bellatrix Hermione Lastrange). I'm really excited to know you and create a fantastic magazine -with you-! So, I'm going to cover the details. I shall be publishing, and original founder of Witch Weekly. Which means that I will be Head Manager. However, you can be one too! Choose to be Head Manager 2 or one of the vice-Managers. If you think that leadership isn't your thing, you can always play a different role! For example, you can be a Witch Weekly artist and illustrate our writer's work, so you can be artist, writer, head of a specific collum like about HIH or Quidditch.
Our goal is to report news from over the wizarding world like Quidditch Finals. I have already created a group of all Hogwarts teams and will ask our reporter (Brightsky) to let us publish it weekly. However, you can start an art club (Example) and update news weekly to get us published as well! I want you to be free with creating things like that! Next, I suggest we have a Quote, A Joke, A Quidditch Section, A recipe, A council update (from a Council here on HIH, with a reporter for that (Ariana Valdez). So here are the jobs in total:
Head Manager - Hermione Ravenclaw
Head Manager -
Manager -
Manager -
A weekly Joke writer -
A weekly Quote writer -
A recipe head -
Artist -
Artist 2 -
That's it, I will update when positions are taken. By the way, you can always copy Jokes and Quotes from the internet, It's up to you.
I'm Really happy to be working with you, please spread the word and let your friends know about this. Feel free to advertise and please don't hesitate to contact us with questions!
Thank you,
Hermione Ravenclaw
Head Manager of Witch Weekly



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