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Review #8: The Selection

Chapter 8

The Selection. By Kiera Cass.

I have heard about this book so so much and I finally got my hands on it the other day! This book was really fun and it totally gave off Hunger Games vibes, so if you liked the Hunger Games then for sure read The Selecion. The main characted, America, is headstrong but also has a compicated backstory which comes into play throughout the book. She has two love interests and honestly, I like both of them. I'm leaning towards Maxon a little more but I will really have to read the other books of the series to see. I just feel like Aspen needs to figure himself out more. The only bad thing I really have to say about this book is that at some points it seems a little bit directed toward a younger audience at points but overall it was still a great book! I cannot wait to read the other books in the series and hopefully I'll be able to get the next one soon.


In Illea, your Caste determines your life. America Singer is in Caste 5 and her whole passion is singing and performing shows. Other than that, she loves her sister, and her secret boyfriend, Aspen. Aspen and America are, no doubt about it, in love. But when America's family gets sent a letter for her to apply for the Selection, a competition to find the Prince a wife, she has to do it. Her family, being in a lower caste, needs the money, and the longer she can stay in the Selection, the more money they get sent. When she gets chosen for the Selection, America must leave Aspen and her family to take on the challenge. Once she arrives, she's faced with 35 other girls and the task of winning over Prince Maxon. The only problem is, Aspen is back home and America cannot get him out of her head. She doesn't want to fall for Maxon, however, that might just be a problem.


Overall, I enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the second one! It sort of ended with a cliffhanger so i NEED to know what happens lol. If any of yall have read this book post on my wall or owl me because i would loveee to talk abt it. 

Lastly, thank you guys for all the support on my book of reviews! At the time I'm posting this chapter I am at 900 reads which is literally soooo insane. omg I just cannot thank you all enough for reading this! it means so much to me and i just love sharing my love of stories and reading with you all! If you guys have any book recomendations please lmk because I'd love to read it and make a review!

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