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Review #7: 2nd Year: The Girl of Mystery

Chapter 7

2nd Year: The Girl of Mystery. By Luna Stars and Andromeda Riddle.


This book was so, so good! It kept me guessing on every single page and I read the whole thing in one sitting! That's how much I wanted to know what happened next! One of my favorite qualities of books is when the book keeps you hooked from the very first page and this one definitely did that. Luna and Andromeda did such a great job, and I am a young aspiring writer so to see them doing this makes me so happy!


It is a new year at Hogwarts and with that comes new students. Natalia Smith, to be exact. When she comes into Hogwarts it's obvious she is a big deal. Even though she is a First-year, she can already do non-verbal spells. From the start, people just want to be like her, including Aaliyah. They join her group of followers and never turn back. However, some are not the biggest fans of Natalia. Nadia, for example. She is convinced that Natalia is bad news, and nothing is going to stop her from figuring this girl out and getting her friend Aaliyah back.


All in all, this was a good book! Luna and Andromeda, you guys did an awesome job! I definitely recommend this to those who are interested in Harry Potter-related books! You should totally go check it out and give it a read!

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