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Review #6: The Summer I Turned Pretty

Chapter 6

The Summer I Turned Pretty. By Jenny Han.

Ok let's be real, if you haven't heard about this book or the TV series, where have you been? I'm sure many of you all have already read this or watched the show, but I wanted to give my honest review on both the book and how it relates to the show. 

I've known about this book for a super long time and I've always been interested in reading however I never really got around to it. Once the show came out, I knew I had to get my hands on the book. I wanted to read it first, just to be able to have an idea about it before watching the show, but unfortunately it wasn't in my library. I did reserve it though, and got it a few weeks later. But obviously, I couldn't resist watching the show and I LOVED it. I finished it in no time and was able to get the book a few days later, which I then finished in the span of one and a half days lol.

Anyways, I really enjoyed both the TV show and the book but to be completely honest I kind of liked the show more. I know many people will probably disagree with me so sorry about that. I just think that the characters in the show are a little different to the book but I liked them more. Belly, in the book, was super shy and awkward but in the show she was a lot more confident I feel like. Also Taylor, for example, was pretty mean in the book at times but in the show she stands up for Belly and always has her back. She is funny and knows what she wants in life which I admire. Plus, the whole debutante thing was GENIUS. Idk who thought of that but the plotline really needed something like that and it just stepped everything up a notch. I loved that aspect of it and it made everything more complicated but more interesting at the same time. I think that if I had read the book first I may have liked it better but that didn't get to happen obviously. 

Overall, both the book and the show were amazing. The summer vibes they give off is just what I need right now. I will 100% be taking this book to the beach with me and reading it over and over. 



Belly measures her life in summers. All that matters is the day she gets to Cousins Beach and reunites with her mom's best friend and two sons, Jeremiah and Conrad. They are family to her. Brothers. Until this summer. The summer where everything would change. Belly has loved Conrad her whole life but he starts shutting everyone out, and then there is Jeremiah. It's complicated and messy and chaotic, but it's about time for Belly to choose. Jeremiah...or Conrad?


Anyways, that's where I'm going to end this review but I hope you guys enjoyed! And now for the GRAND question, I am Team Belly but if I HAD to choose it'd be Jeremiah. I would love to hear from yall so if anyone wants to talk about this book or show pls owl me its summer and im bored

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