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Review #5: The Inheritance Games

Chapter 5

The Inheritance Games. By Jennifer Lynn Barnes.


Ok, I think it's safe to say this book is one of my favorite books of all time. It is literally SO well-written and the entire plot is amazing. I first heard about this book on Booktok and didn't really look into it very much but when I saw it one day at the store I could not resist buying it. I immediately began reading it and loved it from the very start. It is a Thriller/Mystery/Romance type of book which is such a great combination. There are a billion twists and turns. I could not put this book down. And don't even get me started on the whole Jameson or Grayson argument. (I'm Team Jameson though, just so yall know lol). 

Anyways, I LOVE THIS BOOK. I literally ran to the store today to buy the second one and I'm already like ten chapters in haha. ALSO THE THIRD ONE IS COMING OUT SOON AAAH. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone on this planet. It is SO SO GOOD. 




Avery Kylie Grambs is just an ordinary girl living in her car. Wallpaper. 

Until she's not. Until Grayson Hawthorne shows up to her school. Until she is left Tobias Hawthorne's multi-billion dollar fortune at the age of sixteen. To make matters worse, Avery is thrown into Hawthorne House, surrounded by the devious Hawthorne family, including Tobias' four grandsons. No one knows why she was left this fortune but it's not a secret that everyone is looking to find out. Avery must team up with Jameson Hawthorne to search the whole puzzle-filled, secret tunnel woven, mansion and figure out this whole mystery. And lets just say thats not the only thing that these two have entail. 

But time is running out. Avery has to solve the mystery...before its too late.


Thank you so much for reading this review! It means a lot! I think you already know my opinions on this book and that is GO READ IT NOW. 

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