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Review #4: Summer of a Thousand Pies

Chapter 4

Summer of a Thousand Pies. By Margaret Dilloway

This book was so good! When I first found it I was super excited because I love baking, and when I find books that include that in the story I know I have to get them. This one did not disappoint. The baking aspect was a huge part in the storyline which made me so happy. It also included recipes in the back which is AMAZING. I love when books have recipe cards at the end because you can make them and almost feel like you are in the story. I have yet to make one of the pies but I will surely do so in the near future. Apart from the baking part of it, Summer of a Thousand Pies also takes place in a small town. Although books set in big cities and places like that are good, I especially enjoy books about small, lesser-known places. Plus, this book has a lot of great representation. Firstly, one of the main character's best friend has celiac disease which isn't often featured in books. Also, a few characters in the book are actually undocumented immigrants and that is an important topic as well. Overall, this book was a big win for me personally, and I think a lot of other people would enjoy it too.


Twelve-year-old Cady has grown up alongside her dad, who is constantly in and out of rehab. But this time, he's in for the long haul. Out of nowhere, her aunt, (who she hasn't seen in years), appears, taking Cady in. However, Cady's aunt's pie shop is failing and she needs to do something. Fast. Along with the help of her new friends, Cady sets a plan into place to save the pie shop. But will she do it in time? You'll have to read it to find out.

Anywayyyyys you should for sure read this book! If you have read this book already feel free to reach out i would love to chat about it!

ty for reading my review it means so much :)

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