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Review #3: What Light

Chapter 3

What Light. By Jay Asher

Wowowow there is so much to say about this book! First off, I never really read Romance but this book completely hooked me on it. It's not quite that intense romantic type, but a super innocent relationship that is adorableee. I actually read it a long time ago during the holiday season, because it is very Christmassy. It was the perfect holiday book and I never wanted to stop reading it. I lent it to my sister Irene because she kept seeing me reading it, and she loved it just as much! I am crossing my fingers that the author writes a sequel because I loved Sierra's and Caleb's relationship is just "chef's kiss." This is the kind of love that everyone wants but it also show's the bad sides sometimes which I adore. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend to romance-readers or basically anyone in general. 


Sierra is a 16-year-old girl that lives 2 lives. One in oregon, and one in CA. Every year her family ventures down to California to their Christmas tree farm to sell during the holiday season. But this year, Sierra runs into quite possibly the love of her life, Caleb. Caleb is threaded with awful rumours, and despite warnings, Sierra begins to like him. Like really likes him. Except for the fact that he always changes the subject when she tries to get him to tell her his deep, dark secret. 

If that isn't enough, Sierra's family may be spending their last Christmas at the farm.

WIll it all work out in the end? Guess you'll just have to read it cuz I am NOT telling.


Anyway's I definetely recommend this to teens and young adults. It is a super easy read and incredibly worth it! 

<3 bye loves!

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