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Review #2: Violet's Story Trilogy

Chapter 2

Violet's Story. By Rachel Morgan.

Creds to Cynthia Granger for this review! She is the first person to send me a review to submit and I am so happy she did! So thanks so much Cynthia! I haven't personally read this book, but she seems to like it a lot! There are three different books and she made a summary to each one.

Here's a link to her profile:

Cynthia's Review: 

This is a series that is just PERFECT for paranormal magical YA readers. The starting of the first book is kinda flat but it gets better and better. I am sure I have read the second book a hundred times. It is the best. I can never recommend this book series enough to anyone.
P.S. There are two more trilogies, after this. Each is based on a related MC.

Cynthia's Summaries:

A faerie guardian( u will get to know what that is as you read) called Violet Fairdale accidently brings a human into the magic realm which is forbidden by law. There is some stuff like suspension, expulsion and the like. Then an Unseelie prince happens to take an interest in both Vi and the human, Nate. He continues to hunt them, with some totally awesome adventures.

In the second book, she is paired with her long time rival Ryn for their final assignment. (SPOILER ALERT: This is the best book). Then she starts to have EXTREMELY uncomfortable feelings about Ryn... I want to keep the surprise element so wont say much.

In the third book, a war is happening and Vi has LOST her MEMORY. Ryn has dissappeared.. When they happen to meet again, the story becomes awesome.... Cant give away anything more than that...
By Cynthia Granger(Ravenclaw)


Thanks again to Cynthia for the review. This book sounds right up my alley, I hope I can find time to read it! 

BYE <3

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