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Review #11: A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Chapter 11
A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. By Holly Jackson

I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was full of twists and turn and the whole mystery was so well thought through. I really had no idea who the murderer was and I was second-guessing every single character. And might I add, Pip and Ravi are the cutest couple EVER. There relationship is just so wholesome and innocent. I really loved the change of perspective between the narrator and Pippa. It is not a very common thing to find in books and I just thought it was super interesting.


Pippa Fitz-Amobi is just an average good girl. She does well in school and never misses an assignment. But when she must decide her senior Capstone project, Pip chooses possibly the hardest topic she could. The murder of Andie Bell is a story known by everyone in her town. Even though it happened years into the past, Pippa cannot resist getting to the bottom of the mystery. And the first person she interviews, Ravi Singh, is the brother of the so-called murderer. Neither Pip nor Ravi think that Sal Singh did the deid, and they must work together to find the real criminal. But the thing is, Sal is dead by suicide, commited days after Andie's death. With a town full of questions and not a lot of answers, will Pip and Ravi solve this dangerous case?


All I can say is, read the book! Trust me. It is so well written and overall a great book. I just started the second book in the series (Good Girl, Bad Blood) and I really really cannot wait to find out what new dangers Pip is going to encounter.

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