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Chapter 1

In astronomy, we will observe the skies throught magical telescopes and think about the Solar System.

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of the universe. Also, the muggles and wizards have different aproaches into Astronomy. Like Muggle's prefer Technology. They also are amazing at observing the skies while wizards and witches focus on the magical theories. Astrology - means what influnce the space has made to earth. Astronomy is a very good subject and helps in many major fields studying. We also try to make muggles think it's a myth.

Astronomy is a very respected science subject.


Sometimes, like in the Hogwarts Castle, it is so powerful that there is never electricity.

Muggles view

To many muggles the heaven is just a pretty look above your head. The shooting stars and so on. But the magical part? The stars can predict feature and the colors mean something!

More Info

We meet on Wednesdays at 10pm in the Astronomy tower. We also have no textbooks for the year. Please bring a brass telescope too.


You do not have to do all the eassy's in the 1st year. You can retake an assigment if it is marked bellow 70%.


For your homework, you have a few options.


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