The life of Emily Millisent

This is about a girl, Emily and she is going to Hogwarts. What adventures will she have?

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The Millisents

Chapter 1

Kate Belinda Millisent

Kate was the prettiest of the lot. She had mass of straight, chcololaty hair and piercing green eyes. To add to all that, she had a very charmiong smile to get out of some things that she hated. So, by carfully convincing her sisters to do all the work. Don't think that Kate was lazy. No! She was the boldest, bravest and far more sensible that her other sisters called Grace, Margo and Emily. She was the oldest of all and was proud of that! She did most of the public jobs such as asking some people to take a picture or booking an appointent to the Library. She fancied herself as a writer or a fshion Desighner. Did I mention that she was the leader? Always very strict yet could become very empethetic. The younger girls had always admired and loved there elder sister Kate. She was most closest to her younger sister, Emily. Emily was clearly taking after her eldest sister who always stet an example to her. She was also sorted into Slytheirn for a few reasons. People think it was because of her hopes and ambitions.

Grace Sonia Millisent

Grace Sonia Millisent was the second eldest. The name "Sonia" ment wisdom. She was never fun and always had her nose into a book. She is in the 4th year of Hogwarts and in Ravenclaw house. Everyone expected her to be in Slytherin and started to hate her. There was only one girl in her year group who liked her. Maria Richerson. She became friends and the two girls became insprearble. She was always trying to help but usually was pushed out and was ignored. The only person who cared about her was Maria for she felt very similer to Grace in her family. Grace was good at all subjects and loved them all however, she never took any interest in Divination. She had top grades everywere and was the best student in Transfiguration and Ancient Runes.

Margo Judy Millisent

The 3rd eldest of the family was the careless Margo Judy Millisent. She had lied many times and was very decitful. In short words she was very mean and a very sneaky snob. But the worst was her temper. It flared up in any matter at all. From getting a small nudge from Kate to bieng asked a qestion, her temper would rise and she would hit or bite (yes, wierd). She had been put into Gryffindor for her bravery. She had a very good friend, Amina Whitchalson.

Emily Iris Millisent

Last of all is Emily Iris Millisent. She had a sweet voice and always looked up and admired her eldest. Especially Kate. She was finally going to her first year of Hogwarts! She was very exited and wanted to be sorted into Slytherin as her sister was there. To find out which house she was in, read on to the next chapter...

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