WWL News: September 22nd

written by Chu Hua

Welcome back, everyone! This is our second article! Please do not steal our work because WE WILL find out! Today we focus of two amazing HiH accounts! Note: We are still looking for members, as we still only have two. A link for the application is in Chu Hua’s intro text

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Thalia Blanchester

Chapter 1

Today we begin our focus on Thalia Blanchester. She joined HiH in August of this year, and already is a pretty well-known person (not as well known as people like Jane Allyson), and many people know her and love her. She has 51 followers as of right now, but that can always change. She’s just an amazing girl who is fluent in Italian.

Thalia is an amazing girl, who is very loving and caring. She has a beautiful wall, as well, full of amazing shades of orange. She’s a die-hard Mortal Kombat fan, and many quotes on her aesthetics and wall are from one of the games’ biggest characters, Cassie Cage. I cannot express how amazing this girl is. She always seems to be happy. If you hurt her or a friend of hers, she will not hesitate to stand up for herself or a friend. She’s always there for you.

Thalia started an aesthetic business (Fioritura Aesthetics) just about a month ago, and has had more than ten orders. That’s a lot for a business just having started nearly a month ago! She’s on a roll! She often posts the aesthetics she makes on her Pinterest account, so if you order an aesthetic from her, you may find it on her “Aesthetics” board in Pinterest. Thalia’s aesthetics are amazing! They’re beautiful, well organized, and creative. She does a great job getting things to correspond with each other. 

Thalia’s amazing backstory features aesthetics she made, and aesthetics she’s ordered. It also features pictures of her, her and her dog, andher, her friends, and her and her sister, Ivy. You can also find her basic information, as well as her aesthetic business info. Her backstory really stands out! It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art! She’s overall a very creative person, with a lot of spirit. 

If you wish to order an aesthetic from her, meet her yourself (through HiH, of course), see her qoutev, or see her Pinterest, go to the following links:

Fioritura Aesthetics: https://forms.gle/ynxX2dwdrLcPEss49

Thalia’s Wall: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1373416/

Thalia’s Qoutev: https://www.quotev.com/thalia360

Thalia’s Pinterest: https://pin.it/2TFuZ1f

Written by Chu Hua 

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