WWL News, September 20

written by Chu Hua

Our first article! This is really exciting! I am pleased to inform you all that WWL News is now getting into the swing of things. We’d like to start off today with a bit about an amazing HiH student, and a bit about Ellie Goulding. Thank you all so much for reading!

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September 20

Chapter 1

Lily Lavender and some facts!

Lily Lavender is an amazing PA in DADA and is in the 2nd grade. Amazing in a lot of subjects, and published many books! She has been in a few newspapers already so this is another! Read on to find out more!
Lily has been working tirelessly for Ravenclaw house and has 1621 house points! Many Ravenclaw followers are amazed and happy that Ravenclaw is in the lead and many points have been made by her! Aside from some people with many points we want to talk to some followers of Lily Lavender. Karin, Griffendor says
“Lily is very kind and I love the way she concentrates on her lessons!”

Lily has a kind heart and is willing to help anyone who is struggling with lessons. She has been made PA for DADA so she is very happy for people to ask her some questions. Very clever and has earned a lot of points!

Lily Lavender has written a number of books, all waiting to be read. She has some books on a lot of subjects such as 1st year Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic, Potions, Herbilogy, DADA and Transfiguration. Here is a link to one of her amazing books: 
This one is called “ First Years Guide to Ace Transfiguration: A Study Guide” Aside from books for the 1st year, she has written for the 2nd year too! Books for Divination, DADA, Transfigurations and Care of magical creatures Here is a link to one of her books called “Second Years Guide to Ace Divination: A Study Guide” here:

Lily has an O in many lessons such as Care of magical creature class, Divination, DADA and Transfiguration. She is a PA in DADA she says 
“ When I got the news that I was accepted to be a DADA PA, I was thrilled! I got to meet the rest of the present PAs and they were all nice and friendly. I started grading right away, and it took some time to get used to, but now it's a breeze. When I grade, I'm in my happy place, haha!” 

Lily Lavender is a muggle born student. She was very excited when she got invited to Hogwarts and loves to study magical things here! Friendly, helpful, kind, hard-working, & determined to succeed is the perfect way to describe an amazing girl like her! Follow her to make better friends and know her better anytime! 

Her wand is sycamore wood with a unicorn hair core, 11" & reasonably supple flexibility. Everyone has a patronus and her one is a Bay mare! Also, you might want to know that everyone has a pet! And Lily’s is a snowy white owl! It looks as if it is Hedwig from Harry Potter

Written by Hermione Ravenclaw

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