Second Years Guide to Ace Divination: A Study Guide

written by Lily Lavender

This book is intended for all who need a quick study reference guide for DIV-201. It has a glossary of terms & its appropriate meanings for the entire course. Each chapter is based on a lesson; where it won't go into grave detail, but will give you the necessary components to study for upcoming tests & assignments. This does not include mid-term & final exams. All detailed information about each topic is in your official lessons with the Professor. DO NOT COPY AS IT IS PLAGIARISM!

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Divination Glossary

Chapter 1

African Violet ⊱ This herb helps to answer questions that regard women. This is great for readers who are female & can be used to protect your deck from the magic of others.

Alder Wood ⊱ This type of wood is water resistant & is used mainly for outside or underwater purposes.

Altar ⊱ A space where you are doing reading.

Amber ⊱ This is used for when there are difficult questions & readings.

Amethyst ⊱ This is used for when one needs wisdom above all else.

Apple Wood ⊱ This type of wood inquires about all things health.

Ash Wood ⊱ This type of wood has magical meaning for Nordic people.

Basil ⊱ This herb is used for readings when non-believers are near. It also acts as a bug-resistant herb when doing readings outside.

Bay Wood ⊱ This type of wood is for those who are artistic or musically inclined. It goes well with the Nonperiurabus spell & wards off pets.

Beech Wood ⊱ This type of wood intensifies readings about the past with precision.

Breath of Fresh Air ⊱ A mthod of cleansing a tarot deck. This is used after a rainstorm. Leave the cards in the Sun for two to three hours. This can be also used in the Moonlight.

Blackberry ⊱ This is used to represent new chapters in life, children, marriage, travel, & new occupations.

Bloodstone ⊱ This is used to assist in mental precision & increases your instincts.

Burial ⊱ A method of cleansing a tarot deck. Put the cards in a concealed box & bury it during a full moon. After a month, dig it up at the next full Moon.

Cedar Wood ⊱ This type of wood amplifies loyalty within your deck. It will only obey to your magic.

Chamomile ⊱ This herb is used for questions regarding wealth. It also calms the nerves when doing readings.

Chestnut Wood ⊱ This type of wood promotes learning & inquires those who seek knowledge.

Cherry Wood ⊱ This type of wood intensifies your instinct & is more truthful when doing readings with your tarot deck.

Clarifier ⊱ The card that is in the middle of The Wheel. It is used when things are unsure.

Cypress Wood ⊱ This type of wood is very protective.

Elder Wood ⊱ This type of wood is used by those with a good imagination. Also known as daydreamers.

Elm Wood ⊱ This type of wood is durable.

Ethic ⊱ Rules that are followed that can be used in everyday life. Basically, the balance between what is right & what is wrong.

Dragon's Blood ⊱ This is used for precise answers on love, relationships, & fertility. This is no longer used in the present day.

Foci ⊱ Tools of which magic is conveyed. Wands, staffs, amulets, & tarot cards are examples of the tools that are used.

Guidebooks ⊱ A book that shows the general meaning of every card.

Hawthorn Wood ⊱ This type of wood is used for when making hard decisions.

Hazel Wood ⊱ This type of wood is considered fireproof.

Herb Burning ⊱ A method of cleansing a tarot deck. This is used with burnt herbs & sage. A stick is lighted with a magical spell using your wand. Each card goes through the smoke, both front & back.

Holly Wood ⊱ This type of wood is used to protect the reader from the Dark Arts.

Intuition ⊱ Awareness of truth or what is to come. It is the gift of trusting your gut.

Jet ⊱ This is used for when one is seeking for the pure truth, whether the truth is positive or negative.

Maple Wood ⊱ This type of wood is for those who constantly travel.

Mesquite Wood ⊱ This type of wood is for those who have a quick-tempered personality.

Mugwart ⊱ This is used to intensify reasoning.

Oak Wood ⊱ This type of wood is used for magical protection.

Pages ⊱ Also known as jacks or knaves in a card deck.

Pentacle ⊱ A star that has five points. The pentacle suit is also known as the suit of coins. Each card in this suit shows a pentacle on the card face.

Peony ⊱ This is used to attune one's instincts. This is not used for beginners.

Poplar Wood ⊱ This type of wood is used for when all the other types of wood are not applicable.

Quartz ⊱ Commonly used for filtering out magical trails that are not yours. This gemstone boosts your magical energy.

Querent ⊱ A person who asks for a reading.

Reordering Your Deck ⊱ A method of cleansing a tarot deck. This is used to reorder your deck of cards. Divide the Major & Minor Arcana, have the suit in order from high importance to low importance. Stack the Major Arcana on top of the Minor Arcana.

Reversals ⊱ Tarot cards that are read upside down. These cards can represent the opposite of the intended meaning, a delay, optional, or to emphasize high or low importance.

Roses ⊱ This is used to establish the deck's familiarity with the reader.

Rowan Wood ⊱ This type of wood assists in recharging your deck's magic. This is used so the owner does not have to cleanse the deck often.

Ruby ⊱ Used in amulets & staffs. This gemstone is rare due to it being expensive & is used for health & energy. It also protects against hexes & sickness.

Sapphire ⊱ Very expensive & boosts your precision when doing readings on wealth. It also may interpret dreams but is not yet proven.

Significator ⊱ Cards that symbolize a person.

Silver Lime Wood ⊱ This type of wood increases the ability to see the future. However, this type of wood is very rare.

Spread ⊱ The position of tarot cards for readings. By doing this, it creates a story or a senario.

Tarot ⊱ One of the many forms of predicting the future. This method uses tarot cards. Tarot is essentially a guide to the future, though the future can be changed. Every decision you end up making can alter the future.

Vine Wood ⊱ This type of wood uncovers holy wisdom.

Willow Wood ⊱ This type of wood aids in your emotions to breathe to the deck. It also protects against malicious intent.

White Scandalwood ⊱ This type of wood assits in spiritual acknowledgement.

Yggdrasil ⊱ The Nordic word for the tree of life.

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