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Article 3

Chapter 3

Harry Potter

Today I will be writing about a book recommendation about Harry Potter. Now, you might think ‘wait, why is there an article about Harry Potter when this whole website is about it?’ Well, the reason for that is that according to the internet much less people have read the books instead they watch the movies. I feel like those people are missing out on so much because the books are terrific! They have much more detail and can enhance your reading skills as the books are very long and have quite a few complex words in them. Although the movies are fantastic, I believe that everyone should the Harry Potter books!!!

Written by Bianca Granger

Smart Cookie

Hi readers, today I will be writing about a group recommendation. This group is a great group and I highly recommend you to join it. It is called Smart cookie. It is a study group for all ages and all houses. And in this article I will also tell you some benefits of working and collaborating with others while studying. So, my 1st reason to join Smart cookie is that working with others is actually better than working by yourself, this is because you can ask others questions if you’re unsure about something. Another reason is you can get to know others more easily as you would have something to talk about and discuss. So, I hope you enjoyed this article and join Smart cookie too! Make sure to read the Hogwarts magazine every time a new chapter is written. : )

Written by Bianca Granger


The Hogwarts Student Council

Recently, many members of the HiH community have come together to create a group where people can contribute ideas to make HiH a better place. This group is called the Hogwarts Student Council, and currently has forty members. It was created by Genna Wildwood in August of 2021 after previous attempts to bring this idea to life ended in inactivity from its members. Genna did a wonderful job of organizing the applications and elections. She was not chosen to be the president, but was invited by Beezer Vablatsky (the elected President) to be the Vice President. I’ve interviewed Genna about the ideas and creation of the Council and what it’s like to be in her position.
She first came up with the idea to create this Council because there had been a former one, one that closed down because of inactivity. She was only a follower in this council, but when it shut down, she decided to make one herself. Genna was inspired by her love of the HiH platform and wanted to give back to it, and I believe that we should all learn from her and her great ideas. So far, she’s very happy with the path the Council is currently taking, and is “glad that Beezer is President as she has had more experience and I can learn from her.”
Speaking of Beezer, the second year Gryffindor was excited at the prospect of another student council. Because of her previous experience in leadership positions, she decided to apply to be president, and succeeded. Almost as soon as she received the news, she asked Genna to be the Vice President, who was happy to take on the role. Beezer is delighted to be able to help have students’ voices heard, and hopes that she can create a more efficient way of communicating between the Headmistress Oshiro and us students.
The President and Vice President are not the only roles, however. There are also four House Representatives to communicate with their houses about the going ons of the Council. These representatives are: Hermione Ravenclaw for the Ravenclaw house, Will Carey for Gryffindor, Vivienne Tonks for Slytherin, and Amalie for Hufflepuff. I’ve also asked these four some questions about HiH. So far, not much has been done as they’ve only received their positions recently, but everybody is settling in nicely and they have a small idea of what they’re going to be working on. According to Amalie, one thing to work on is “getting rid of some nargles in the system to help make the learning easier. We also are taking ideas from other students and bringing them to the council and Headmistress Oshiro.” Beezer had some more ideas, such as: a better categorization of library books and groups/roleplays, an update to the “Who’s Online” page, and the creation of new courses that were mentioned in books and movies, like Flying Lessons, Arithmancy, Apparition, Ghoul Studies, Muggle Art, Music/Muggle Music, and Xylomancy. She also mentioned the creation of an official Quidditch Competition and Common Room for each house. Some of Genna’s ideas are more inter-house communication and inter-house competition, although she says that they have other goals at the moment, like becoming more well known.
But that isn’t even all of it. Although there are no more leadership roles than these three, everybody else can contribute, too. If there is a problem or idea that anybody has, you are invited to bring it to the Council and they may help or even pitch the idea/problem to Headmistress Oshiro! Beezer is almost always active, so she should be online to help, and if not, somebody will get back to you as soon as they can. Of course, there are no guarantees that you get what you want, but it’s always worth a try.
So far, not much has happened within the Council as our leaders are settling into their new positions, but I’m sure we can be excited for many great things to come!

Written by: Ariana Valdez, 1st year Ravenclaw


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