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Article 2

Chapter 2

Interview with Lola Wolf (3rd Year Gryffindor Student)
1. How do you deal with your studies and examinations?
I've been dealing pretty well with my studies. Even though it's going slow due to real life, I am enjoying what I'm learning. I do think it helps that I enjoy learning the different topics, because otherwise it would become really difficult going through the courses. With the examinations, I also think they are going well. Usually I go over the content first before I do the exam, which helps a lot.

2. What’s your favorite subject here at Hogwarts, and why?
My favorite subjects are DADA and Ancient Studies. For DADA it's because I find it interesting to learn about different creatures and how to defend myself. I am also a DADA PA, so that helps as well. For Ancient Studies, I really like learning about different ancient societies and how they lived. I do enjoy learning about time periods which are a long time ago, as it was so different time.

By Emma Weasley

Interesting and unusual words

I have always been fascinated by words, especially unusual words. I found quite a few and I hope you enjoy these words as much as I do. So are you ready for 25 interesting and unusual words? Here goes.

1. Anecephalous - lacking a brain
2. Borborygm - A rumbling of the stomach
3. Callipygian - Having an attractive rear end or nice buns
4. Collywobbles - butterflies in the stomach
5. Crapulence - discomfort from eating or drinking too much
6. Flibbertigibbert - nonsense, balderdash
7. Gobbledygook - nonsense, balderdash
8. Snollygaster - A person who can’t be trusted
9. Bumfuzzle - confuse, perplex, fluster
10. Taradiddle - a fib, pretentious nonsense
11. Widdershins - in a left handed or contrary direction; counter-clockwise
12. Diphthong - Two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound e.g the ‘ou’ in out
13. Discombobulated - very confused and disorganised
14. Flabbergasted - Astonished or very surprised
15. Dongle - peice of hardware that connects a computer to another device
16. Pronk - a weak or foolish individual
17. Oxter - an outdated term for ‘armpit’
18. Nincompoop - someone who is foolish or stupid
19. Poppycock - nonsense
20. Perjinkities - nice things
21. Amaranth - an imaginary flower that never dies
22. Sinapism - a mustard plaster used as a cold remedy
23. Contabuate - to put boards down for a floor
24. Noop - sharp point of the elbow
25. Agastopia - a particular liking for a certain part of the body

By Abby

The Hogwarts Office


Do you want to become a helper to Hogwarts and Students? Do you want to help others? If the answer is yes, join this Hogwarts office group! There, you can be any part, apart from the president. They are all free! I can’t tell you a lot more because it’s in the rule section there. However, the roles that are free are a writer, a study helper, an against bullying section and helping people to have friends! The link is

Hope to see you there!


By Hermione Ravenclaw

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