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Stone of Luck

Chapter 6

Then a voice said " If you give the stone to me, I shall give you luck everyday. If you will not or destroy it, I shall destroy you. Choose. But before, tell me what the stone brings!" Lily thought then she exclaimed " Of course! It is a Jade! It brings luck!" The voice said " Now give me the stone. Or choose Death" Lily was thinking when a cold hand snatched the stone and a cackle. She said " Young Lily Luna Potter, this stone does bring Luck after an hour! So I will get it! Because you didn't hold it! You were carrying it in a tissue!" Then, unexpectedly, Fox Lastrange lay dead on the floor. Lily looked and saw a letter in her hand. Lily carfully took it and read it. It said:

Dear Scorpious Malfoy,

Belle was born. Take care of her. She is in the Soun Mall orphanage. I can be dead now, so goodbye.

Your wife,

Fox Lastrange

p.s Do NOT tell your mother or father.


Lily looked at the letter. There was another Lastrange left.

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