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Chapter 5

Hugo said " I know what the code is! It is-" and then Hugo vanished. Lily stared blankly at the air. She was alone in this. She went home and took the stone up in her hands. It felt as if it liked her, for it warmed up. Lily was staring at the stone so hard that she didn't realize that she was in a familiar dungeon. It had spiders lurking in every corner. Lily was too brave to notice that. She saw a familiar 3 doors but with differnt labels. It said on the first door "Logic" second "Chess" and last was left unlabbeled. At the top was bold writing: "LCD" Lily expirienced that before so knew that the D standed for Death*. She walked straight into the logic door. A hissing voice said " Knew you would choose this one!" this short speech ended with a hight pitched cackle.


*If you want to know, read some more of Hermione's books. Write Hermione Ravenclaw in the search bar and then click search in library. There will be some previous books. Please note that the first one is called Lily Luna Potter and friends. If you can't find that, please contact Hermione Ravenclaw. Profile picture is the one with a bunny. Thank you.

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