Lily Luna Potter 3

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Chapter 2

They knoked on the door. It was immidietly swamg open by Lily who embraced Hermione to be polite and grabbed Hugo's arm. They both ran to Lily's room. Lily said "Shall I show you my new wand? Look..." So they chattered. And chattered.

Thatwas when Rose stepped into the room, Albus wanted to talk to her so he showed her his room. Unlike Rose's it was a little bit untidy. Rose asked "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?". When Albus looked at the young girl, he coulden't collect his thoughts. So he stammered " Is that...A...a box o..of swweeet..s?" Rose frogot that she was holding Hugo's box and remembered "Yes, I'm sure he will let both of us have one!" So Albus and Rose took a bite of a creamy caramel one, what a sweet! Albus thought!

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