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To MUCH letters!

Chapter 4

Hi Lil,

I read it! Oh my! When we get on the Hogwarts express, I'll talk to you and Rox properly. I only have to say - Be safe.

See ya,

Hugo. W xxx

Lily read it and opened another one. It was written in strange writting!

Hello Lily,

I hope you are okay! I shall talk to you about it at hogwarts!

Roxanne Weasly

Lily looked puzzled. She only made out the word "Hello" at the start, but what else? She wanted to open the third one, but it was adressed to Albus. So she timidly knocked on his door. "Come in!" he called. Lily just past him the letter and slipped away. Albus read the letter with a frown. It said:

Hello Albus!

I am getting highly annoyed that Lily and Hugo are owling each other to often! It really disturbs me, so could you speak to Lily about it? I shall talk to Hugo myself, but I would be gratfull for you to tell that to Lily! I am sure that they are up to something. It was much better nad calmer when Hugo and Lily didn't go to school! Like why, did they go off and fight Delphini? That puzzles me to. Could you do me a favour and find out as much as possible? Thank you! Your fellow prefect, Rose. W

Albus was in love with Rose.


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