Lily Luna Potter and Friends

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Delphini Lastrange

Chapter 6

"Not so fast..." Said a hissing voice. The free turned around and saw someoe that resembled Bellatrix Lastrange. It could not be her thought Lily as she was killed... so who or what was that? A polyjuice potion? The women cleared her throught and continioued as if she read her mind " No, I'm not under a potion. For I'm Bellatrixe's doughter! Delphini! I shall murdar you! One...Two...Three... and Avada -" But Lily was brave and screamed much faster "Expellirous!" and pointed her wand. Roxanne too, stode up and said as fiercer as possible "Crucio!" Hugo was to speechless to say anything. The next moment Delphini was lying on the floor. Dead.

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