Lily Luna Potter and Friends

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The forbidden Forest

Chapter 5

After the amazing supper, they went to bed. Roxanne tuched the door. How pretty it was! But then Lily groaned. "Are you opening it or -" For Roxanne Disapeard. Lily gasped and tuched the door. It started to spin, spin and the blank. She fell with a thud. There was another noise because Hugo landed to. Lily opened her eyes and saw that Roxanne was up already. She said in a barly whisper " We should go! And fast!" Lily was only looking at Roxanne, until she spotted a forest around her. Lily pulled Hugo up and said to both of them. "This is the forbidden forest! Father told me about it!" Hugo gasped "Then we should leave immidietly. I hear there are spiders!" It was well nownen that Ron was afraid of spiders, and now his son too!

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