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And the Weasly's

Chapter 2

Ron was sharing a joke with his son, Hugo. Hugo was laughing and joking back. What a life! He always admired his father. What a great person! I would like to be like him! Thought Hugo. On the other side of the room, Hermione was drilling Rose on her charms spells. It seemed like she was getting all of them right because she was grinning ear to ear. Sometimes Hermione would add a "well done!" and "You definatly will be best in your form" and looking at her doughter proudly.

Every thig was merry, until a brow and black owl rapped on the window. Hugo rushed to open it. And there the letter was addressed:

Rose Weasly

25 Rowana Ravenclaw street

Hugo read it out loud. Rose grabbed it out of his hands and tore it open. It said:


Dear Rose Weasly,

We are proud to inform you that you have been eleted to be the schools Prefect along with Albus Severus Potter.

Thank you,

Professor. Maconagall

They all hugged Rose and went to meet the Potters at the station.


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