Lily Luna Potter and Friends

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At the Potters

Chapter 1

Lily Trembled with exitement as she twirled aroun the room in her new robes. She was going to Hogwarts! Finally, she though jouyfully. She always envied her two brothers, James and Albus for going to hogwarts and now she could finally be on of them! She skiped to breakfast. She smiled brightly to her family! Albus was engrossed in a book called "How to become an good prefect!" for he recieved a letter that summer, telling him that he was a prefect. Lily and James envied him very much though James tried hard not to show it. Ginny, her mother, was not in the room she was making tea. Harry smiled brightly at his doughter. While James snickered. "Lil, we are leaving in a hour and a half! You get dressed on the train!" James said, snorting into his plate. But Lily was to busy bieng happy to hear that!

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