The order of the pheonix rules

Rules for joining the order of the pheonix club!

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About me

Chapter 1

Hi! I have made this book abot the rules of the order of the pheonix. It will contain a full guid about it. Please read on to know more!

My backstory:

When I was very young, my parents named me Hermione Ravenclaw. Due to the fact that I was to go to Ravenclaw. However, they wanted a boy, not a girl so they put me into an orphanage named North Hills orphanage. when I was eleven, Bellatrix Lastrange adopted me and my sister who is also Hermione. She turned me into a cunning slyherin. And tryed to put me there, but coulden't as I was born Ravenclaw. Bellatrix Still is trying to turn me into a death eater and teach me dark arts. However, I have no intention of using it at school. For I really liked it. Because of my dark arts I was asked to go to Durmstrang. Yet I wanted to go to Hogwarts. Bellatrix also renamed me to Bellatrix Hermione Lastrange. I preffere people to call me Hermione, for the first name and Ravenclaw last name. (Becase I'm in Ravenclaw). I am proud to be in Ravenclaw and happy here!


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