My Diary

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Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

It is so wierd being new. Everyone looks at you and stares. I am settling in pretty well. I am so lucky to be in Ravenclaw! Yet I support Slytherin very much. To be honest I love all houses! But since I'm in Rabenclaw, I think that it is the best house! You probobly think the same about your house! I am a Ravenclaw at heart yet have a bit of Slytherin in me.

As I walk into the classroom of dark arts I bigin to tremble exitingly! What would we learn here? What if I could start my own Slytherclaw army? For some reason I felt very nurvous.

Turns out, I was nervous for no reason! I got to sit next to my twin sister Hermione, but I call her Mione! We both finished our work and headed to our next class. It was Potions. When I walked into THAT classroom I felt completly different. It felt as if it was full of voldemorts and Balletixes. Though I guess I shoulden't say that because Bellatrix is my mother. It just felt creepy. The class went pretty smoothly, yet difficult. I am starting to worry. What if all the classes would be that scary and strict in atmosphere?

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