Hogwarts Daily News Issue #139

In this issue, there is another issue of putting superheroes into Hogwarts houses, a biography, two very informative articles, and much much more!

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Sorting Superheroes Into Their Hogwarts Houses - Part #6 (Entertainment)

Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to another SORTING SUPERHEROES INTO THEIR HOGWARTS HOUSES! First of all I want to apologize for not writing this series. I am so sorry, but I read hard for my exams… :( But now we are here, so lets say, “Let the sorting begin!”  


Whether we take into account the comic book version–where he has grown up without his parents on the streets of Harlem–or the cinematic version,–where he is a former paratrooper of the U.S.A. Air Force–we are talking about a courageous superhero who does not hesitate to be thrown into danger to save the world, helping decisively the rest of the Avengers, even though he does not possess superpowers on his own–only those that are given to him through his suit.  

Gryffindor: 78% Ravenclaw: 10 % Hufflepuff: 10 % Slytherin: 2%



Look, if Slytherin had a face, it would be Loki's moony face with his (licked) hair. Ambition, cunning and ingenuity are his three characteristics. He seeks power in every way, but at the same time makes alliances with his own people (okay, sometimes he betrays them), as he believes in the collegiality of people who share the same values.

Slytherin: 88%

Ravenclaw: 9 % Hufflepuff: 2 % 

Gryffindor: 1%  

Hope you enjoyed this article! See you next week! 

~ Claire Angelina Herkins, HDN Writer and Public Affairs Manager

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